Retaining Your Employees




Managers perform the skills needed to retain each individual employee.


Engagement & Retention Learning Track: Increasing Employee Engagement, Retaining Your Employees, Recognizing Employees, Providing Resources for Success


Course Title Course Result
Overall Satisfaction at Work* Talk with your employees about their overall satisfaction with the company and their work situation
Keeping Your Employees* Find out what factors will cause your employees to stay
Decreasing Employee Turnover* Identify what is required to create a work situation that will cause each employee to stay
Who Needs Better Work-Life Balance?* Identify who needs help getting a better balance between work and their personal life
Maximizing Employee Talents* Determine how an employee’s top talents are used in his or her job
Creating Work Autonomy* Create the right level of work autonomy for your team
Compensation Rule of Thumb* Determine if each employee’s compensation package is within market range
Your Own Requirements to Stay* Identify what will create a work situation that will cause you to stay


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