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Off-the-Shelf Courses – Skillz Domain provides an extensive suite of off-the-shelf eLearning courses which have been designed with the help of subject matter experts from the industry. We have not only ensured that the learning will yield effective and measurable results, but have made learning fun and interesting as well.

Our courses come packed with simulations and case studies showing how the learning can be applied in real-life situations. With the diverse range of courses in our library, be rest assured that we have it all covered.

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  • Leadership and Management Courses
  • Finance Courses
  • Health, Safety and Environment Courses
  • Compliance and Technical Courses
  • Cultural Sensitivity


Learning Management Systems and Portals –


Skillz Domain provides on-demand LMS delivered as a turnkey learning and performance management solution. It is accessible on portable devices such as laptops, smartphones and tablets. A responsive LMS, it works on any device and their operating systems—IOS, Android, Windows Phone. Our goal is to ensure that your organization stays connected in-house or across branches when it comes to learning. To know more about the benefits that we offer to organizations, click each type of organization below.


Large to Mid-sized Organizations

  • Automation of organizational learning and development processes
  • Supports training and development of a distributed and mobile workforce
  • Support for multiple devices working on iOS, Android and Windows platforms
  • Quick authoring and deployment of content for internal consumption


Schools and Tertiary Institutions

  • eLearning as an extension of the classroom
  • Distribution of learning aids among students
  • Discussion forums for Research and Development
  • Sharing of current information through Wiki
  • Sharing of information by linking to external websites
  • Management of student assignments and assessments




Training and Coaching Companies

  • Ability to sell training courses using integrated payment gateway
  • Ability to train external audiences
  • User-friendly content management system that helps subject matter experts, consultants and trainers to automate their training processes


Start-ups and small organizations

  • Hosting and white-labeling of the learning management system
  • Cost-effective solution for companies that do not have a well-established IT infrastructure
  • Quick deployment of in-house training content
  • Support for hosting off-the-shelf courses purchased from external learning service providers


Computer Based Testing and Assessment Centers

  • Provision to support huge database of questions
  • Random drawing of questions with varied difficulty levels
  • Online assessment of learners across multi-location testing centers
  • Pre-recruitment screening of candidates and score tracking



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