The Stay Interview Toolkit




The Stay Interview Toolkit

Research shows that voluntary quits are approaching historic highs, while Gallup reports employee engagement has flat-lined over the past 15 years. Low employee engagement and high employee turnover is COSTLY. We have the solution: Stay Interviews. Stay Interviews are one-on-one meetings between leaders and their newly-hired and continuing employees to improve engagement and retention.

This toolkit builds the skills leaders and managers need to successful conduct Stay Interviews with their employees and build a successful Stay Plan.

Course Title Course Result
Introduction to the Stay Interview Know what is a Stay Interview and why you should perform them with employees you want to keep
Preparing to Conduct Stay Interviews Discover how to effectively prepare for your stay interviews
Essential Stay Interview Skill #1: Listening Be able to strengthen your ability to listen to your employees
Essential Stay Interview Skill #2: Take Notes Know what note-taking methods are best for you
Essential Stay Interview Skill #3: Probing Find out how to use probing in your Stay Interviews
Essential Stay Interview Skill #4: Taking Responsibility Learn how to take responsibility for company decisions
Managing the Stay Interview Build your skills to manage the stay interview with different types of employees
Developing a Stay Plan Learn how to create a successful stay plan with your employees
Closing and Forecasting Know how to close your Stay Interview and forecast retention risk.
Avoiding Stay Interview Preparation Traps Find out how to avoid the Stay Interview Preparation Traps
Avoiding Stay Interview Meeting Traps Learn how to avoid the Stay Interview Meeting Traps
Avoiding Stay Interview Post Interview Traps Understand what you must do to avoid the Stay Interview Post Interview Traps


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